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This section gives detailed information about over 1 million suppliers from over 200 countries in the world. This is free accessible and can be easily navigated through a very robust and user friendly search.

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How to find buy leads for your products?

Buy Leads or RFQs (Request for quotations) are nicely categorized in the buyer section of Hellotrade International as per their country of origin. The RFQs can be easily accessed by entering relevant keywords in the search bar featured on the top of the section. You may carry out a more refined search on the basis of:

  • Related products
  • Country of origin

These options can be clearly seen on the top left of the buyer section.

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How are Buy Leads organized?
Buy leads on Hellotrade International are organized in chronological order of time and date of lead posting and the country of origin. The latest buy leads are published at the top. Each buy lead includes detailed information about the buyer, his requirements, his contact information, his country of origin and the lead price.
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What is Lead Price?
Every buy lead at Hellotrade is priced at a nominal price of 8US$. You may purchase a single lead by paying the individual lead cost only. Hellotrade also offers you two attractive Buy lead packages:
  • Silver Package US$ 100
  • Gold Package US$ 200
  • Platinum Package US$ 299

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How to see your available balance?
In order to see your available balance, you need to login to your http://my.hellotrade.com page by using your username and password. Your account balance will be reflected on the top left of the page under the section My Wallet.
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How to Buy Lead?
If you have sufficient balance available in your account, you may buy your desired buy lead in 3 simple steps:
  • Search for buy leads
  • Click on the details or price of the lead
  • Register or Login

It would confirm the purchase and account balance status and show the complete query with all the details.
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How to use the bought Buy lead?
Once you have bought the buy lead, all the information of the buy lead along with the buyer's contact information will be made visible to you. You may use the lead in the two following ways:
  • Respond to the lead
  • View and copy the lead

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How to track your transactions?
You may track all your transactions through the transaction history tab. This will give you all the details of all your activity on Hellotrade network. However, in order to keep a track of your transactions on Hellotrade network, it is mandatory to register on our website. If you have not registered yet, REGISTER NOW.

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