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Chemicals & Cleaners

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CalFlush is a powerful cleaning system designed to remove deposits in central heating systems. Effective flushing can be achieved with minimal disruption. Central heating systems can gradually build up a combination of scale, sludge and corrosion by products within the boiler, pipework and radiators. This manifests itself as cold spots on raditors, failure to pump to the furthest radiators, and noise in the boiler. Central heating systems also need to be flushed prior to filling with preservative in order to remove flux and other deposits before commissioning for the first time (BS7593:1992). It can often be time consuming or impractical to remove radiators for cleaning out severe blockages. Even when they are removed, the only flushing capability usually available is with cold water from a hose at mains pressures and flows. This will not loosen or remove sludge which has bonded to the inside of radiators or the remainder of the heating system. The Calmag CalFlush Flushing System is the culmination of many years experience of the use of Calmag Heating System treatment chemicals with high flow, low pressure cleaning sets. The opening at the top of the tank allows for chemical cleaners, such as the CalFlush Powerflush Pack, to be added easily. Furthermore, flushing quality can be visually monitored by checking the water returning to the tank or drain. When the system is in operation, dirty water can be sent to the drain while continually refilling with fresh water. The unit is compact in design for ease of movement. It has also been ergonomically designed with a large diameter handle so that it can be picked up easily when empty. For further information on CalFlush and flushing heating systems please click here. Benefits Removes sludge & scale from central heating systems Stops boiler noise Complete system clean High flow low pressure Economical Saves time on site Comes complete with all accessories
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Chemicals & Cleaners
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Calchem is a three in one chemical inhibitor designed to protect central heating systems. Calchem combines a number of competitor products into one simple solution. For more information on this please click here. calchem has a special advanced formula which begins to work upon contact with sludge, limescale, flux and other debris. The fast reacting liquid is water soluble, non-flammable and, more critically, non-acidic. This means it can be used on all types of heating systems including copper and aluminium. More importantly, calchem is environmentally friendly. calchem should be added to your heating system via the filling loop or radiator. It will then break down silt, lubricate valves and pumps, suppress bacteria growth and eliminate the production of gases. Calchem also contains an anti-freeze solution which helps heating systems cope with cold weather. calchem is supplied in 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre bottles. 1 litre will be sufficient to treat 10 -15 radiators. If you add any radiators or interrupt the water supply, then you should top up your system with calchem. We recommend that a further litre should be added every 2 years to prolong the life and efficiency of your heating system.
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Chemicals & Cleaners
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Calclean is a unique biologically formulated cleaner designed to effectively remove most kitchen and bathroom stains, including limescale. It can be used on all surfaces including steel, plastics, tiles and enamel. Calclean will leave surfaces sparkling. simply spray calclean onto the surface and leave for a few minutes. During this time the special formula will break down even the most stubborn stains. For heavier stains like oil and grease, simply leave the formula on for a few extra minutes and watch the stain vanish. After application, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. due to the unique way in which calclean is formulated, it is biodegradable and solvent free, making it environmentally friendly. ...
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