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How to Search Suppliers

This section gives detailed information about over 1 million suppliers from over 200 countries in the world. This is free accessible and can be easily navigated through a very robust and user friendly search.

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How do I search?
You may search for information on Hellotrade by entering relevant keywords in the search bar. Keyword could be a product name.
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How do I refine results?
Search results can be refined to meet your specific requirements. The results can be customized on the basis of:
  • Related products
  • Country of origin

These options are available on the top left on the search result page as shown in the image:
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What does a highlighted listing mean?
A highlighted listing as shown in the image signifies four important things about the supplier:
  • Supplier has an extensive product catalog
  • Supplier is more reliable
  • Supplier is very active on our website
  • Supplier's information is frequently updated

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Effective Search Tips for Hellotrade Users
  • Here are few useful search tips to carry out search process on Hellotrade International:
  • Use English Only: English is considered as a global business language. We request you to use only English language to carry out the search process.
  • Non Case Sensitivity: Our search technology is not case sensitive, so writing your search term in Upper or Lower case would yield the same search results.
  • Short and Precise: It is preferable to use short and precise search terms. Using too long and multi-worded terms would effect the relevancy of search results.
  • One Search at a Time: Search only one company name or product name at a time.
  • Use Singular Words: Use words in singular form, it would provide both singular and plural results.
  • Precise Search Terms: Search terms entered, enclosed in double quotes, example: ''Shopping Bags'' would appear in exact order in the search results.
  • Stemming: Our site uses word stemming search technology i.e, use of a search term would also display search result with synonym of the search term.
  • Avoid Special Characters: Avoid using special or wild characters in search terms.
  • Only Company name/product name: Use only product name or company name as search term.

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What is unique about our information?
The strength of the information offered by Hellotrade International lies in its quality and easy availability. Some of the features, which make the information unique are:
  • It is offered absolutely free of cost
  • It covers more than 200 countries across the world
  • It is easy to understand
  • It is user driven
  • It is one of the largest compilation of Small and medium sized enterprises
  • It is updated, authentic and genuine
  • It can be accessed through various mediums
  • It covers all the important aspects of business

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