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Banyan tree twigs (Aalam Kuchi) and Acacia Arabica twigs (Velam Kuchi) has been used for oral care by our forefathers for centuries. They believed that Aalam Kuchi and Velam Kuchi would help to preserve their teeth and strengthen their gums.Litna was born out of that ancient wisdom. The extract of Acacia Arabica and Banyan tree have been specially blended under stringent quality control to bring you Litna Herbal Toothpaste, the toothpaste of the new millennium Litna is wholly natural and it is suitable for vegetarians.Litna is sugar and saccharin free which is good for Diabetics. Litna is also fluoride free and is suitable for children. Clinical studies have upheld our forefathers that Acacia Arabica and Banyan tree have anti-bacterial properties and help to strengthen the gums. Litna also helps to stop gum bleeding and may be useful for people who suffer from gingivitis.Litna has been formulated using only natural products. All extracts are from the highest quality. Litna is unique in that, there is no animal content in the toothpaste. Dicalcium phosphate which is normally obtained from animal bones and gelatin have been replaced using natural products. Hence, it is suitable for vegetarians. The extracts used in Litna have not been tested on animals and we advocate a cruelty free policy.Furthermore, Litna is sugar free and saccharin free. Saccharin that has been widely used as a replacement for sugar and is in the center of controversy. Some studies in rats have linked the use of saccharine to cancer especially cancer of the bladder. Leading scientist in the United State have called for a ban on the use of saccharin. Why use a potential carcinogen daily when you brush your teeth? You have a choice in the selection of your toothpaste. Use a saccharin free toothpaste.Litna is Fluoride Free. Why fluoride free? What are the deleterious effects of fluoride? One controversial theory is that fluoride effects bone metabolism and help to increase the risk of osteoporosis. Furthermore fluoride has been linked to behavioral problems in children.In Litna you have a toothpaste that is herbal and natural, free from animal by-products, sugar free, saccharin free and fluoride free. Litna is suitable for adults and children. Children can use Litna safely. Litna also helps to give your teeth a dazzling natural whiteness and gives your mouth a pleasant fresh feelings all day long.


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