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Knife Gate Valve

The ORBINOX series 10 K.G.V. was primarily designed for use in the pulp & paper industry, water management, waste-water management, chemical, power, steel plants and O.E.M. It's design includes a mono block cast body, wafer style, raised face seat with gate guides and jams for positive seating. Available in sizes ranging from 2" through 72". Standard body materials are cast-iron with a 304/ss gate, other materials available include stainless steel, 254SMO, etc. This valve is available in metal and resilient seated versions with standard or V-port orifice. The series 10 face to face complies to TAPPI standard TIS 405-8 and MSS SP81. It's operating temperature extends to +1000oF. The series 10 can also be outfitted with actuation options including handwheel (standard), lever handle operator, bevel gear, chainwheel, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator, hydraulic actuators, and fail close actuators. To obtain more information on our series 10 knife gate valve email us from our main page and we will promptly fill your request.

Knife Gate Valve

The ORBINOX series 70 knife gate valve is a valve like no other. Primarily designed for the recycling market for use in cleaners the series 70 is a very robust knife gate capable of withstanding much abuse. With a round inlet port and a square outlet port the series 70 is truly like no other. Available in a variety of sizes and body material ranging from stainless steel to 254SMO and many others the ORBINOX series 70 is valve ready to accept a challenge. The series 70 can easily be outfitted with many actuation options including pneumatic, air and hydraulic actuators, electric actuators, bevel gears, and an array of electrical components. Give ORBINOX a call today to receive pricing on your SERIES 70 Today!!!

Knife Gate Valve

Our series 60 Knife Gate Valve is primarily designed for the mining industry. It's design consist of a cast body available in a variety of materials including cast iron, stainless steel, ductile iron, and many others. The series 60's removable and replaceable rubber sleeves makes it ideal for today's mining industry, including the areas of gold and coal. Available in sizes ranging from 2" through 48" and with actuation options unlimited the ORBINOX series 60 rubber sleeve knife gate valve is highly respected in the valve industry. So request a quotation on your desired valve today!

Knife Gate Valve

Our Series 50 bonneted Knife Gate Valve is a industrial strength valve designed for industrial strength applications. The series 50 consist of a mono block bonneted cast body, raised face seat with gate guides and two half wedges for positive shut-off. Available in ANSI class 150 lbs., 300 lbs., and 600 lbs., with a shutoff class ANSI-16, 104 type IV, V, & VI. Our series 50 has seating options ranging from metal to resilient seats varying from EPDM, to Viton®, to PTFE, and many others. With valve sizing ranging from 2" (50 mm.) to 48" (1200 mm.), the series 50 can truly be manufactured around your application. Body materials include all types of stainless steel, 254SMO, titanium, and other alloys the series 50 can withstand the grueling punishment of any application it must contend with! The series 50 can also benefit from any number of actuation options offered at ORBINOX, including chainwheels, bevelgears, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, actuators, limit switches, proximity switches, solenoid valves, positioners, and many other options. So if you would like to receive extended product information on our series 50 valve or any other of our K.G.V.'s please feel free to return to our main page below and email us a request for a quotation and let ORBINOX provide for your needs, TODAY!!!

Knife Gate Valve

Our series 20 series valve is our high-performance knife gate valve. The series 20 design make it very suitable for use in the pulp & paper industry, chemical industry, power management, steel plants, and O.E.M. The standard series 20 comes in an all 316/ss, including 316/ss body, 316/ss gate, and 316/ss stem, other materials include 254SMO, 317L ss, etc. Available in sizes from 2" through 72" this valve can fill the requirements of any size application. It's design features a mono block cast body, raised face seat with gate guides and jams for positive seating. It is available in metal and resilient seat models with a full array of resilient seat materials available, including EPDM (standard), poly tetra flora ethylene (PTFE), and Viton® for the oil industry. The face to face complies with TAPPI standard TIS 405-8 and MSS SP81, and is a full lug style. The series 20 comes standard with a handwheel operator but can be easily outfitted with chainwheels, levers, bevel gears, electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, and fail safe systems. To obtain more information on this knife gate, or to request a quotation please email us on our main page, or give us a call today!

Knife Gate Valve

ORBINOX's series 90 fabricated knife gate valve is a valve specifically designed to meet your needs. It's fabricated body allows ORBINOX to manufacture this valve to any size you require, whether it be square or rectangular. The series 90 can easily be outfitted with any of ORBINOX's many actuation options and can usually be manufactured within a few weeks of the order. So give ORBINOX a call today and get pricing on your series 90 knife gate valve!!!

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