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Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal Fans are swsi, class i, arrangement 9 and 10 general purpose air moving devices. They are used for supply or exhaust applications in commercial, institutional and industrial hvac systems. At the heart of the dynamo is a computer-designed, backward inclined, centrifugal wheel. This heavy duty non-overloading aluminum wheel assures low noise and high efficiency performance.

  • class i heavy-gauge galvanized steel, roof/floor/inline mount utility blower
  • belt drive; backward inclined wheel
  • application: commercial kitchen and fume exhaust, building pressurization and supply fresh air
  • u. L. 762 rated for grease laden air exhaus
  • capacity: from 500 - 29,150 cfm; 0 - 5. 0” w. G.
  • d: sizes d10 - d36
  • d_dp: dynapak, sizes d10dp - d24dp
Centrifugal Fans

The high volume capacities of the vcr backward inclined and vcr airfoil centrifugal fans make them excellent for use in hotels, office buildings, manufacturing plants and hospitals. Variable inlet vanes and discharge dampers make it easy to adjust the airflow for the greatest comfort and efficiency. Pennbarry vcr fans are heavy-duty and can handle a variety of atmospheric conditions including fumes, abrasives and high temperatures. Customers from industries as diverse as paper, automotive and textiles have found pennbarry backward inclined fans to be suited for their industrial process applications. Because of their high efficiencies and low sound power levels, these fans are recommended for clean air and lower temperatures only. A wide range of accessories is available to expand the versatility of both fans.

  • class i, ii, iii, iv construction, free standing swsi/dwdi centrifugal fan
  • belt drive
  • backward inclined and airfoil wheels
  • application: exhaust and supply in typical duct systems; able to handle many special environments such as high temperature, corrosive, and spark resistant
  • capacity: up to 264,000 cfm; 0 - 10. 0” w. G.
  • vcr_bi/af: backward inclined and airfoil sizes 105 - 890
Centrifugal Fans

Industracon centrifugal fans are designed and constructed for materials and air handling applications. Three specifically designed wheels are available to handle granular material, fibrous material and air with light concentrations of abrasive materials. Heat packages up to 1000° f and spark resistant construction are just some of the options available.

  • heavy-duty, high pressure construction, free standing swsi industrial fan
  • belt drive
  • 3 wheel types: general, fibrous material handling, and air handling
  • application: ventilation or exhaust of dust, granular materials, and fibrous materials as well as air handling
  • ind_ot/wt/ah: sizes 0561 - 4161
Centrifugal Fans

Direct drive centrifugal inline fans designed for moderate ventilation requirements. All rex jr. Fans are powered by an external rotor motorized impeller. This design provides excellent heat dissipation even at low rpm. All of the rex jr. Series fans are speed controllable. Featuring airfoil backward curve impeller, self-lubricating/sealed for life precision ball bearings and automatic reset thermal overload protection. Constructed of galvanized steel housing with electrostatically applied polyester/epoxy urethane powder coat finish

  • inline duct-mount
  • direct drive
  • application: dryer booster and humid air exhaust systems
  • capacity: from 42 - 711 cfm; 0 - 1. 5” w. G.
  • rex_j/jx: direct drive, sizes rex04j/jx - rex12j/jx
Centrifugal Fans

Tubular Model REX Direct Drive and Belt Drive Centrifugal Inline Fans. Efficient aluminum, backwardly inclined wheels and aerodynamic straightening vanes give the Centrex a quiet efficiency unmatched by competitive models.

  • Tubular Inline Duct-Mount
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Direct or Belt Drive
  • Application: Supply or Return Air; Exhaust Fumes or Humid Air
  • Capacity: From 75 - 22,054 cfm; 0 - 3.0” w.g.
  • REX_B: Belt drive, sizes REX12B - REX33B
  • REX_VTR/Q:Direct drive, sizes REX08V - REX12Q
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