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Vertical Band Saws

A vertical bandsaw that combines large capacity with versatility – and can accommodate small and large work in nominal settings as well as at variable angles (0 to 45°) left or right: the TF1420 can’t be beat.

Roll-In’s Tilt Frame Bandsaw can do all the operations our EF1459 Model can do, plus offering the advantage of mitering simply by tilting the frame without having to remove the work.

The TF1420 has the power, speed control, and feed pressure required to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency. This saw requires no extra training to master. It is easier to operate, equal to any task, and is less expensive than the comparable saws in its class.

Simple to operate, the TF1420 is a rugged machine built for many trouble-free years of service.

Special Features
Quick action vise (can be moved to either side)
Blade cleaning brush
Coolant - blade misting system
Vertical Band Saws

Roll-In Saw, with over 67 years of saw manufacturing experience, introduces the CC 9000 Band Saw. This concrete cutting bandsaw was designed for the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete industry. This heavy duty band saw is robust enough to take the punishment of the construction job site and still cut straight and accurate day after day.

Featuring a 2 hp direct drive motor/gearbox, the CC 9000 cuts easily into cellular concrete (AAC). The moving table will travel 25 inches into the AAC block and can cut 25.5 inches under the guides. Standard removable handles can be added to the saw for this unique "Wheelbarrow" feature to make movement on the job site easy and convenient.

Vertical Band Saws

Roll-In Saw built its reputation on the versatility and durability of this terrific bandsaw – the EF1459, a.k.a, “The Original.” This was the first saw in America to use a patented gravity-feed system that saves time and energy.

The EF1459 is actually a horizontal bandsaw on a vertical frame. An all-purpose band saw, it handles all metals, plastics, and woods in a wide variety of cuts. It is a fast, accurate cut-off machine that is perfect for notching, slitting, and slotting. A reliable addition to your shop floor, this bandsaw doubles as a contour, profile, and rip saw.

Accurate Gravity Feed

The EF1459 band saw has a capacity of 14½ inches under the guides and a 9 inch cut. The blade and vertical column travel on an inclined track that feeds into the cut in a straight path. Gravity enables the blade to find its most efficient feed rate. Counterweight control provides adjustment for optimum cutting pressure and long blade life. The work piece remains stationary and your hands need not be in the cutting area during cut-off, an important safety feature.

Hydraulic Feed Control and Blade Shield

The Roll-In Saw Vertical EF1459 is equipped with a hydraulic safety feed regulator and adjustable saw blade guard. An adjustable stop can be pre-set to control the depth that the blade travels into the work.

Vertical Band Saws

When your projects call for consistent and precise cutting from a vertical bandsaw that is economically priced, the Roll-In Saw JE1320 Journeyman is the saw for the job. The digital speed control delivers reliable blade travel by enabling you to set the blade speed for the performance you want and the material you are cutting (at standard factory settings). The rigid, precision ground steel table is the ideal work surface for every job.

Whether you need a band saw for industrial use or home hobbies, the trouble-free JE1320 from Roll-In has the features you’ve always wanted.

Special Features
“Adjusto-Blok®” guides for ¼" to 3/4" blade widths, blade guard
Compressed air chip blower
Optional Equipment
1” Welder, grinder and shear
*Pulleys for optional speeds of 140-1038 and 280-2076 sfpm
1" Blade Width Guides
Vertical Band Saws
Technical Data

13" Table to guide

Throat 40"
Blade Size 3/8" Width x 15' 3" Length 10/14 Variable tooth .025 Thick (bi-metal)
Blade Guard Blade
Guide Rollers for Blade Width "Adjusto-Blok" for 1/4" to 3/4" blade widths
Blade Speeds 70 to 500 sfpm digital speed control with read out*
Table Precision ground, steel table, 24" x 50 1/4"
Table Height 39" from floor
Wheels Aluminum wheels with polyurethane molded surface and cast iron idler wheel
Motor 2 HP, 220/440V three-phase
Dimensions 76” Width x 80” Height x 30" Length
Shipping Weight 1,050 lbs. F.O.B Cleveland, Ohio

Optional Equipment
*Pulleys for optional speeds of 140-1038 and 280-2076
1" Welder, grinder and shear
Vertical Band Saws

From the digital speed control with readout to the calibrated tilt-table, the Journeyman Vertical JM1220 Tool and Die bandsaw from Roll-in Saw sets the standard for versatility. To increase operator efficiency, the tilt-table moves 11” front to back by counterweight pressure controlled with a foot pedal and lock.

The variable speed control, tilt-table “Adjusto-Blok®” blade guides, blade guard, chip-clearing funnel, chip blower, angle plate and blades all add up to high performance when making contour and profile cuts, rip cuts, and the most complex angle cuts.

Pressure for the table feed is supplied by a counterweight, that is adjustable, supplying fifteen pounds to sixty pounds of cutting pressure. Gravity supplies the power. The hydraulic regulator system further assures accurate chatter-free cutting speeds.

The standard tilting table combined with power feed makes compound angle cuts practical. This is a perfect precision-cutting machine for tool and die, R&D, and model shops.

Special Features
Table traverses: 11” front to back by counterweight pressure, controlled by foot pedal and lock
Compressed air chip blower

Optional Equipment
1” Welder, grinder, and shear

*Pulleys for optional speeds of 140-1038 and 280-2076 sfpm

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