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Weber Slicer

The Weber Slicer 905 combines innovative slicing technology with versatility, efficiency and ease of operation.
The extremely wide cutting throat and blade speeds of up to 2000 rpm assure the industry’s highest throughputs.
The improved product control system provides perfect slicing results. Delicate and odd shaped products are
easily loaded and sliced.
Open frame architecture is extremely user-friendly, providing easy access for operation, maintenance and cleaning function. Weber’s innovative product control system has been upgraded to maximize hygienic operation and provide fast disassembly for cleaning.
The Weber 905 has been designed and constructed to meet the world’s highest sanitation standards.
The modular design allows the Weber 905 to be used in conjunction with all Weber up and down stream
accessories, including: stacking, party tray and MCS.
Fast, Versatile, Precise
Extremely wide product throat
High throughput
Hygiene on highest level
Easy and fast cleaning
Optimal slicing results combined with long
blade life
Minimum give-away, maximum yield
Versatile: wide range of products and
Weber Slicer
Processors requiring speeds up to 2000 slices per minute will appreciate the speed and advanced features of the 902/903 slicer.
A touch screen allows every change desired in two screens or less, aids operator efficiency with the use of pictograms and displays real-time slice information.
The Model 902/903 is available in three operating options: manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic.
Up to 14 presentation styles can be produced on a 902/903 and accessories are available to increase the slicer’s capabilities.
Every component of the 902/903 is manufactured from ground or polished stainless steel using the highest hygienic standards.
Weber Slicer
Engineered to provide superior performance, unmatched flexibility and next-generation levels of hygienic operation, the new 904 Slicing System is the world’s highest capacity slicing and portioning system.
Autoload products up to 10-feet (3200mm) in length. Produce perfect slices as thin as 0.5mm. Create presentations in virtually limitless styles.
Change slicing programs with the touch of an LCD screen. Sanitize in about half the time. Increase your throughput by 33 to 50 percent when compared to other high volume slicers.
Three years of development and a quarter-century of worldwide experience combine to make the 904 the most powerful, productive and hygienic you can own.
Weber Slicer

Automatic center loading, greater throughput and a wide variety of presentation styles are Weber 604 Slicing System enhancements designed to assist mid-volume processors.
Multiple products up to 60-inches in length may be loaded through the 14-inch wide throat that can be height-adjusted to 6.5-inches. Touch-screen controls provide rapid changeovers between nine standard presentations.
Circular blades, designed and manufactured by Weber, slice efficiently at speeds up to 600 RPM. Slice thickness is electronically adjustable from 0.5 mm to 50 mm.
Processor yields are improved by combining the advantages of gripper feed control with the productivity of a continuous feed system. Extensive processor tests illustrate product give-away reduced to near zero.
A fully automatic infeeder, accurate checkweigher and the industry’s most efficient interleaver, capable of two-lane stacked and shingled presentations, are among the options intended to help processors improve production speed and flexibility.
Weber Slicer
Weber 504 Whole Muscle Slicing System delivers greater throughput, reduces giveaway.
Greater throughput, faster loading cycles and
near-zero give-away all contribute to added
profits for you!
Fast, easy cleanup is a given, as the 504 System shares the Weber heritage of hygienic design with all Weber slicers.
New 504 Whole Muscle Slicing System benefits include:
Compact footprint requires only 25 sq. ft. of floor
2000-RPM blade speed assures the capacity
to produce up to 40 on-weight portions
per minute from products up to 39 inches in length.
Accurate portioning results from superior Vision
System that instantly measures the surface area
of un-pressed, natural products and automatically adjusts slice thickness.
Product waste and the labor cost associated with
manual adjustment are eliminated.
First-pass, on-weight portion rates exceed 90
Loading times are just six to eight seconds -- 50
percent of industry standard.
Weber equips all 504 Systems with both a scale
and a transfer conveyor.
Weber Slicer

Processors seeking additional capabilities usually found only on larger slicers can use Model 602 to create multiple presentation styles. The 14-inch slicing throat can accommodate multiple product logs and up to 2400 slices per minute can be acurately produced.
Program-controlled grippers push logs up against the circular blade for precise parallel cuts. The sliced portions can be set as stacked or shingled portions on the portioning conveyor.
Automatic endpiece ejection adds a measure of safety by eliminating manual removal of the endpiece
Weber Slicer
The innovative Weber 404 Slicing System combines the advantages of a gripper feed control with the productivity enhancements of a continuous feed system.
Throughput is enhanced by a circular blade speed of 600 RPM, as well as the capacity to handle multiple 48-inch logs through the 13-inch wide throat. Innovative Tall-Stack Technology allows 404 users to slice and present products in stacks up to 80 mm high.
Touch-screen controls allow Weber 404 operators to instantly choose between seven popular presentation styles and electronically adjust slice thickness from 0.5 to 50 mm.
A wide array of Weber options is available to customize your 404 to specific tasks. A fully automatic infeeder and an accurate checkweigher speed production and reduce labor costs.
The industry’s most efficient interleaver, capable of two-lane stacked and shingled presentations, is also available on the 404.
Weber Slicer

The compact design of the 304 slicer ideal for lower volume slicing needs.
Slice three or four logs simultaneously to achieve outputs as high as 1200 slices per minute.
Maintenance tasks can be safely carried out by laterally sliding the front conveyor to reach the 10-inch product throat or circular blade.
This feature also aids in hygienic washdown, an important consideration on any slicing line.
Weber Slicer

High-performance skinner for beef and pork and for fine-cutting boiled ham products. Adjust the product specific blade to meet a wide variety of applications. The ergonomic design promotes comfortable pleasant work posture. Operates with lever or foot switch controls.

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